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This is a Norwegian indie Feature Film shooting in late november/december 2015 in Vadheim, Sogn og fjorande! It is a Thriller/horror film that is based on the phenomenon of sleep paralysis! Its a Independent film made by the production company Broadstone Film that is based in Norway, Bergen The film will be done in late 2016/2017

Renè Bjerregaard

Screenplay and director

René Bjerregaard is the general manager of the production company called "Broadstone Film". René studied as a producer at Noroff Film School in Bergen, Norway in 2013. He has directed and written several projects both during and after his studies. Several of his short films attended film festivals abroad - one of which - "Alone" was shown at a film festival in Los Angeles. René has worked in the film industry in Bergen for over 2 years in both lights, camera and production devisions. He and his production company have now started planning of the feature film "MARE" of which he is writer, director and executive producer. The movie will start shooting in late November in Høyanger, Sogn og Fjordane, - Norway.

Tor Kjetil R Leknes


Tor Kjetil R Leknes is 26 years old and is one of our main producers in Broadstone film. He's also a general manager in "MediaMarkedet" and in "Husky Film" - a volunteer movie organization. From previous years he gained a lot of experience in many areas within sales and services. He studied at Noroff Film and TV-productions from 2012 to 2014, and graduated as a Film and TV-producer in Bergen, Norway. He's been active in the film business in Bergen since his graduation and has been partly running and collaborating with "Ungdomshuset 1880" in Bergen, trying to increase peoples interest in the movie business. Tor is also actively working to evolve different kinds of concepts in the media business.


In the cold month of November, young Liam is sent away to a small village called Vadheim. Liam is struggling with lack of sleep and nightmares. As he is spending more time at the house, his condition gets worse and he is struggling to distinguish his dark dreams from reality. He finds his mothers personal diary where she kept all her thoughts, until the day she died in the basement in his grandparents house... This house.

As he reads her diary he discovers that she had severe mental problems and he follows her development towards becoming mentally psychotic. He then starts to compare his mothers problems to his. The dreams become more real and he finds similarities between his mother’s symptoms and his grandmothers increasing odd behavior. The strange behavior is slowly evolving to something dark and scary, and he discovers that something evil and unnatural is responsible.

But is it real...?

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